Wonder Woman: A Must-Watch 2017 Latest Movie

Posted 09/23/2017 1868

One of the most successful Hollywood movies in 2017, Wonder Woman tells about the destiny of a superhero who wants to save the world through her extraordinary strength, power, and fate that led her to saving the townspeople in the raging war in the outside world.

In the Beginning of Times

Back in the days before Wonder Woman ( Gail Gadot) discovered her true mission, she was living in a secret island of Themyscira, a hidden place for an all-female warrior clan, Amazons who are trained for many years in order to protect their clan from Ares, the God of War who is meant to tear apart mankind in order to rule over the world and gain a wider support for his own selfish mission and beliefs about war and indomitable strength to take over the people even beyond the community of  Themyscira. Their only living weapon that can save them from the comeback of Ares is the powerful sword known as the ‘God Killer’ which is left by Zeus when he was killed during his fight against Ares in order to defend and preserve the heavens from his dark deeds.

During Diana’s childhood ( played by Lily Aspell)  her superhero instinct has made her to be trained hard in the field in order to prepare as well as the rest of the Amazons on Ares’ return. She grew up as fierce as any Amazon would exist and has exponentially improved her battling skills to come more prepare to defend the people of  Themyscira.

Her Wonder Role 

It was when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a pilot that was able to cross the barrier entered their hidden island when she discovered what her true calling was. Diana saved him from the crashing plane before he gets totally drowned in the ocean. Steve alongside with German soldiers was able to barrier and it was the first time with the Amazons to meet humans in the outside world. Steve confessed with them that there is an ongoing World War 1 in their world and that Diana believes that Ares is part of this dark plan in order to invade the world of humans.

Although fearful and hesitant, her mother Queen Hippolya (Connie Nielsen) set her free to face the war in the outside world.

The Incredible Fight Scenes and Setting

The most incredible fact that you can hear about this latest movie is that,  Gail Gadot, playing the lead role is five months pregnant while filming it but does anyone even noticed it with the powerful action she has shown in the movie?

As she fight against Ares who was later on discovered hiding under the identity of Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis) whom they thought was their ally,  she discovered her extraordinary powers to beat him down and reserve the peace on mankind.

Aside from her fight scenes, it was also quite impressive how she delivered her spiels and sink into the ‘superhero’ character that made her the right choice for the role and worth the positive critics that the movie has received.

And the credits also go to the rest of its cast who had equally played their role well and set the standards of modern superhero movies.