Top 5 2017 Animation latest movie

Posted 09/27/2017 7330

We all know that sometimes, we need to take ourselves off our comfort zones and be able to take risks and be able to express ourselves more. That is why there are animation movies created and it is a reality that animation movies are not only for young people and our kids. It is all about the beauty, the lesson, and maybe the comedy behind them. 2017 is not the year that wants to fall off behind. These are the top animation latest movie you don’t want to miss this 2017.

The Emoji Movie

Well, T.J. Miller is a voice that is familiar with the movie and coming from the title itself it is an animated movie for emotions played by the emojis as a role in the virtual role. Gene who should be just a “meh” is the only one emoji having a problem fitting in with the emotion role every emoji should be able to do when needed. It is a battle of being real from doing what is destined for an emoji to do.

Despicable Me 3

Who does not know about this animation movie? This is one of the most popular animated movies today and it is already at its third prequel. Despicable me 3 is the latest movie of the threequel Despicable Me and it is all about the twin brothers Gru and Dru who is dubbed and acted by Steve Carell. The twin brothers will embark on a villainous adventure as twin villains. Well, no one forgets about the funny and the cute minions of the movie who has been there for us since the start. The fun is not yet ready to end!

Captain Underpants

This is a movie that will bring the epic kid out of you in minutes and there is no regret. Captain Underpants is a principal who was hypnotized to be some sort of a hero with a lot of funny and twisted roles. With Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch, and Knick Kroll, the animated movie is sure to be a hit and worldwide phenomenon. It is an action movie, a superhero movie, and a comedy movie that will surely make you laugh until you lose your underpants.

The Boss Baby

The boss baby is a movie that is designed to bring back the attention and love babies want and surely babies deserve. It is a movie about the mission of a baby to get the attention from their biggest enemy, puppies. Boss baby is the baby who initiated a mission to do just that but his older brother comes in the way with the goal to bust him. Will the boss baby be able to bring the love for babies back from puppies?

The Lego Batman Movie

The Legos are at it again with their Lego movie spinoff. Their next target for a movie is Batman the Dark Knight. The movie that is voice acted by Chris McKay focuses on the life of Batman raising a kid he adopted and see