Things To Know About The latest movie Spider-Man Homecoming

Posted 09/11/2017 1044

The movie Spider-Man Homecoming is the 6th Spider-Man Movie yet it is the first to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You may or may not have noticed this but this year’s Spider-Man has already made its debut during last year’s Captain America: Civil Wars. During that time, people have seen an undeniable chemistry of friendship between Tom Holland who plays the part of Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr. who is known as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

The plot of the story focuses on Spider-Man and his younger years. The collaboration between Disney’s Marvel and Sony aimed to produce a concept that shows how Peter Parker struggled through and worked his way up in order to make do with his powers.

Tom Holland’s character, thrilled by the experience he had with the Avengers during the Civil Wars returned to his home with his Aunt Mary. As Parker embraced his identity as Spider-Man, Tony Stark took him under his wing and has been keeping a watchful eye at the promising youngster. Along with his thrive to be more than just a friendly neighborhood hero; he also started to return to his normal routine.

With his development as a superhero, he will eventually come face to face with an evil Vulture which is the newest addition to the list of villains in the Marvel Universe. Adrian Toomes or the Vulture which is cast by Michael Keaton is not your ordinary villain because his transformation is not caused by his thrive to gain supreme power to control the earth, he is driven by his pain and his hate for the people who crushed his chance of providing for his family.

The Vulture is the direct side effect of the Battle of New York. Since he owns a salvage company, he was hired to clean up the damage caused by the Avengers around the Stark Tower. In the latest movie, it was shown how much he was looking forward to do the job since it is very big contract. However, his shot was blown when he was informed that another company called the Damage Control is taking over and because he was just a blue-collar family man who wanted to give his family a good life became really furious.

The gears used by Toomes was still from the remnants of the Battle of New York because even though they were kicked off pretty soon, they still had time to get some alien tech which allowed him to create wings for himself as well as for some of his men who will also become Marvel villains, the Tinkerer, and the Shocker.

Since Spider-Man Homecoming has already created a lot of noise in the movie industry, they are already brewing a sequel to the movie and it will continue to show how Peter Parker improves as a superhero and as a person. However, there have been talks here and there that Mr. Stark wouldn’t be in the sequel; instead, another Marvel hero will make its debut. This is done to gradually complete the characters that will take part in the Infinity Wars.