The latest movie—Emoji Movie

Posted 09/15/2017 1176

The Modern World

Everyone is into using their phones to communicate. The combination of gadgets plus the internet made us how we are right now. It is not unusual to see people looking down at their phones and typing away. In fact, this had been part of our everyday lives. But have you ever wondered what life might be like under what appears on your screen? If you want to get a dose of humor and imagination for such thought, then the Emoji Movie is for you!

What’s Going On?

Using emoji as part of communication had been a hot trend until now. As compared to emoticon ( :-) for example), the emoji will give you the “picture character” appearance and that gives more variety other than just faces. You have probably used a bunch too. It’s such a fun way to enhance the message you want to convey! 

 Now Showing…

This 2017, be prepared to step in the life as an emoji. The Emoji Movie was produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures. This latest movie is directed by Tony Leondis with an impressive 3D computer-animated comedy film.  

The Emoji Has Feelings Too!

It turns out that some types of emoji do not only feel what they are supposed to show and this is exactly the life of Gene. He is the offspring of “meh” emojis named Mel and Mary. He is supposed to pass on the same trait, but he finds it hard to do so.

At times, he feels like he wants to laugh, and he does. His parents urged him to stay on track if he wants to work as an emoji. He feels entitled to the job, but he finds it difficult to hide his true feelings. That is not too bad… or is it?

The Turn Of Events

It all started when Alex, the owner of the phone, receives a text from her crush named Addie. Alex wanted to reply with an emoji, and it was a fateful day indeed—for he chose Gene. Unfortunately, Gene panicked and he made a confused expression instead of his supposedly “meh” expression. Devastated, Gene was sent to a place where all the other malfunctioned emojis or those that are not frequently used anymore are hidden. More than that, they are all doomed for life—they’re at risk of deletion. Gene, desperate to get back, had help with some friends to make things right. Will he make it?

The Voices

There are a lot of famous personalities who voiced in this exciting movie. Patrick Stewart, Christina Aguilera, James Corden, Sean Hayes, T.J. Miller, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle, Steven Wright, Jennifer Coolidge, Sofia Vergara, Jake T. Austin, and many more actors and actresses are all part of this movie as the voices of the characters.

This is a fun-filled movie that will show you how different things could be if you think out of the box. When you watch this movie, enjoy the imagination that was shared to you by the creators!