The latest movie Of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Posted 09/28/2017 19870

“Manners maketh the man.” The quotation coming from Galahad is one iconic and memorable quotation from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Coming from the streets of London and ending up in jail for stealing and damaging a car with his friends, Eggsy met an unexpected friend who was an old friend of his deceased father. After saving the world and the princess of England from danger, Eggsy and the Kingsman Secret Service is back in action.

The Golden Circle

After being attacked and ending up having a destroyed base, Eggsy and his fellow Kingsman joined their cousins when it comes to fighting bad men who want to harm people and the whole world. These people are called the Statesmen. The action is on this 2017 with more comedy, posh, and style coming from Eggsy and his Statesmen friends.

The Cast

There are new people and there are surprisingly old people in the cast of the new Kingsman movie. The ones that are worth noticing are Channing Tatum as Tequila, Jeff Bridges as Champ, and Pedro Pascal as Jack Daniels who are all agents of Statesman. Taron Egerton who is Eggsy is never expected to be out of the picture, Sophie Cookson as Roxy, Mark Strong as Merlin, and the one you have never expected to come back who is Colin Firth as Galahad.

The Reveal

Well, people might have watched the trailer and surprisingly, Galahad is still in the game. Coming from the events or turn of events on the first part of Kingsman where Galahad was supposedly shot dead, it turns out that he might have survived the event and no one expected it. The family is still whole until the latest movie The Golden Circle of the Kingsman series. Moreover, the family is not only complete except for the traitor of Kingsman, with the Statesman, it has grown bigger.

What To Expect

It is okay to higher up the expectations for this one. The action, the thrill, and all of the comedy is still up and beating in the movie. The more stars, the more agents, and the more agents, the more there is action in the movie. There will be a lot of new innovations and ideas for secret agent tools. From the high-tech umbrella, there is already a new set of weapons. Since the last enemies were taken care of, there is a new set of enemies that the Statesman and Kingsman need to defeat.