Four best movies based on highest selling novels

Posted 08/17/2017 418

Dan brown has been legendary author who has given the breathtaking thriller novels to the reader or this planet and the movies based on this novel also have created history in every aspect of the entertainment world.

The Da Vinci code: A movie which has thrilled the entire world’s audiences from the every state of the mind along with the bottom of the heart and amazing directions of the Ron Howard is also breathtakingly beautiful. The Da Vinci code tells about the tale starting from an old church where a keeper named jacks Sauniere is brutally murdered by a catholic monk named Silas who’s been looking for a key stone belongs to priory of sion to destroy the holy grail. In spite of threat to death jack hoodwink him and finally get killed and then the symbolist named professor Robert Langdon(Tom hanks) assigned to unsolved the death mystery of jack and find the priory of sion along with the last progeny of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Angel and demons: Professor Robert Langdon is the main character who has acted remarkably to solve the mystery of four abducted father of well known Vatican church who are bound to select the next pop after the recently death of his holiness. When the Harvard symbologist start facing the unwanted situations with the nuclear scientist then it goes with the thunderstruck fact of fears coming from the ancient customary opponent toward the church. Robert tries to visualize the old symbol from the church and get the entire four fathers which have been kidnapped by the illuminati’s admirer.

Inferno: This was also one of the striking creation of the Ron Howard lead role played by Robert Langdon (tom hanks) plot set the story in hospice where Robert Langdon hospitalized just because of the ruthless attack. The care taker of Langdon doctor Siena teamed up with him and try to locate a bio hazard bomb set to destroy the entire Europe which is about to explode within certain time period. This bio weapon has been set by a bad character named Dante formed extremely contagious virus named inferno, Robert start to trace with the faradays’ pointer and the extremely incredible location and mind blowing sequences makes it undoubtedly mind blowing.

Hunger games : The name of movie defines itself that story that has been impeccably delivered to the audience in the form of mind blasting action movies set in the edge of history. The tales is based on the same named novel hunger games penned by Suzanne Collins who has been an eminent author of the same genre main lead played by the stunning actress Jenifer Lawrence. Hunger games has attracted the audiences from the every corner of the world and become high grosser movies for the same year. The katniss everdeen (Jenifer Lawrence) has played an outstanding role for which she was nominated best actress and in the entire story katniss will thoroughly impressed the audiences.