Dunkirk: latest movie That Depicts The World War II

Posted 09/04/2017 1244

A film produced and directed by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk was known as the 2017 war film as it shows the Dunkirk evacuation that happened during the Second World War. This movie features a set of great casts starring Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, James D’Arcy, Barry Keoghan, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and Tom Hardy. This film is a co-production between several countries such as the United States, France, United Kingdom, and Netherlands.

The film’s total net worth reaches a value of more than $336 million as it receives so many honors from movie critics. Many experts are saying that the screenplay, the acting, the cinematography, and the direction of the whole movie is one of the best as of this moment. This latest movie depicting World War II became very popular as many people are saying that it is the greatest war films of all time.

The movie was written from three perspectives – the land, the sea, and the air. All of these scenes are connected to each other which is later shown in the movie. But first, each storyline focused on different characters and showed how they ended up together in a single situation. The three perspectives cover a different amount of time but in overlapping periods: the land which covers one week of the story, the sea which covers one day of the story, and the air which covers one hour of the story. 

The film started with an introductory showing the year 1940 where the Nazi Germany invaded France which resulted for thousands of people to evacuate to the seaside town of Dunkirk. Allied soldiers are included in the said evacuation and as time passes by, as they waited for further evacuation announcements and a safer place to stay in, the people feel that it seems they are waiting for a hopeless thing to happen.


Tommy, a British soldier, is the only one who makes it out after the Nazis attacked the streets of Dunkirk. He reaches a beach where he met a young soldier named Gibson. They saw a dying man after an air attack from the German force which they rushed to the ship that evacuates all the wounded people. Since they cannot ride this vessel, they have to wait for the next trip. Right after the vessel has sailed, it was attacked by the Nazis. Tommy and Gibson saved another soldier named Alex. The three of them rode the next vessel which also sunk. They were saved by a soldier who will show in the sea plotline. Gibson died later as he was accused as a German spy. Alex and Tommy choose to swim to the nearby minesweeper which is sunk by a German bomber. They were rescued by a guy named Mr. Dawson, who had saved so many men in that war.


Mr. Dawson, Peter his son, and George their hand went to the sea to help people who are in need of evacuation. They encountered the soldier who saved Alex, Tommy, and Gibson. This soldier wants to go to England which opposes Mr. Dawson's idea which led them to fight with each other which resulted for George to suffer a blow to the head. As time goes by, the damage on George gets worse but it will not prevent Mr. Dawson from helping the people. They saw a spitfire in the ocean where they met Collins. They also encounter a German bomber where they met Alex, Tommy, and Gibson. They saved as many men as they can in that minesweeper attack. 


A flight of three Spitfires piloted by Farrier, Collins and their Fortis leader is heading for Dunkirk to give support. The Fortis leader died as they encounter German fighters. Collins' Spitfire was severely damaged which led him to fall in the ocean. Farrier continued his mission where he saw a German bomber. He successfully shoots down the German bomber before he reached Dunkirk.