Best romance drama released in 2017

Posted 08/26/2017 530

A movie without romance seems like unreal if the story set a plot among the human being an actor is completely incomplete without his co actress either it is fantasy movie or romance and drama. Every year either it is Hollywood or any other film industry belongs to any part of the world, releases several romance movie which are widely loved by the people because it’s directly hit their heart and convince them to co relate one’s life. There has been some movies released in this couple of year are marvelous and success to get the attention toward its subject and every corner of the earth people have watched it.

Fifty shades of grey: A record breaker of the romance based movies that hit on the screen last year and make audiences crazy to watch it and story was also ravishing to create the history  to make the money. Fifty shades of grey this erotic romance movie is based on a novel penned by well known author E L James on the same name and it was a first installment who’s been a massive hit either a book or a movie. The plot set between a young lady and prominent business man who are supposed to meet for an interview and after that she feels that she likes him and erotic scene which has been filmed very romantically. Actress named Ana and actor name Christian both has been outstanding throughout the entire film and apparently every couple has loved it and gives this movie a positive review.

Fifty shades darker: Another fantastic novel based on erotic drama penned by E L James which has given a well set plot to make one more erotic movie with the same name Fifty shades darker directed by James Foley with the repeated star cast Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Story begins where it ends in the first part where the hurt Christian grey try to allure Ana but demandingly she reply to have a new deal for to convince her to be in his life again. While creating trust and meeting each other they try to seek stability in their relationship but there is something that is after grey. This sound awkward to Ana that grey also used to have a past with a girl who really wanted to get grey but that something is mysterious and make Ana perplexed.

Passengers: A movie which has mostly got the positive review the gorgeous star Jenifer Lawrence with the co actors Chris Pratt and Michael sheen and their mind blowing acting will give you Goosebumps. The story set a plot in space ship where both of them are sleeping but awakened ninety year early just because of redundant change in the spaceship and the sleeping passengers are unknown to this malfunction of the ship. The luxurious ship has got all the lavishness for the best life but the fellow travelers are in danger and Chris and Jenifer are supposed to save their lives.