Atomic Blonde—A 2017 latest movie

Posted 09/22/2017 1644

We all have heard about James Bond. He established a personality in the movie industry and it came to the point where a lot of spectators can tell whether or not a movie is a James Bond film. The aura of stunning music while fighting through a dispute with weapons, guns, briefcases, suits, and sheer bad-assery—sounds familiar, isn’t it? What if there was an opposite sex version of those films? That would be now Atomic Blonde.

This movie written by Kurt Johnstad is a 2017 American action spy thriller movie. The director made a leap of faith as it is actually his first time to ever direct a movie on his own. His name is David Leitch. The story was based on the graphic novel entitled “The Coldest City” which was created by Sam Hart in 2012.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The movie turned heads because of the exemplary delivery of the cast, especially the main character in this film: CharlizeTheron, an award-winning actress. Such dedication she had for the movie even cost her a lot of pain as she lost two teeth because of training! The fighting scenes in this latest movie are amazing and critics also agree to that mandate. It had been a tough journey for the cast for them to be able to fit their roles and their performances gathered deserving recognition.

The cast in the movie other than the phenomenal CharlizeTheron includes James McAvoy, who will act as David Percival. John Goodman as Emmett Kurzfeld, TilSchweiger as The Watchmaker, Eddie Marsan as Spyglass, Sofia Boutella as DelphineLasalle, Toby Jones as Eric Gray, Bill Skarsgard as Merkel, Sam Hargrave as James Gasciogne, James Faulkner as Chief C, and Roland Moller as AleksanderBremovych.

The Story

It’s difficult to live life as a spy, and Agent Lorraine had been living that life. With a strong personality of savageness and sensuality, fighting for her life had always been her thing—it acts like a routine. Now, she has to lean on to her strength and capabilities to do an impossible mission. She was sent alone to deliver important documents to the city of Berlin, teaming up with the chief David Percival. Will they make it through the deadly lives as spies?

In The Box Office…

The film made such incredible outcome. Although the movie was shown in cinemas during the times other remarkable movies were also shown, Atomic Blonde still stood tall and high. From the production budget of 30 million dollars, the Atomic Blonde grossed 42.8 million dollars just in the United States and Canada plus 18.9 million dollars coming from other countries, totaling to a stunning 61.7 million dollars!

Don’t Miss The Action

You can watch the movie online! Although the initial release is gone, it is not impossible that you can still watch this spectacular film… even as you watch from your computer screen. Get a dose of the action and thrill you can witness in the spectacular film Atomic Blonde.