Annabelle: Creation, The latest movie Installment Of One Of the Most Lucrative Horror Series

Posted 09/13/2017 906

Because of the movie The Conjuring, the infamous doll named Annabelle has eventually made it to the big screen. The first installment of the series is Anabelle which focused on the terrors brought by the doll. For Anabelle: Creation, producers have channeled their powers to providing the back story as to how the doll was created and how it started to have a life.

The story traces back to that of when a former toy maker Sam Mullins along with his wife Esther lost their only daughter to a car accident. Due to that incident, the husband decided to make a doll with the spitting image of their daughter, maybe to ease the pain and the longing that they were feeling.

Few years after, given the compassionate heart of the couple, they have welcomed in their homes a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse but with some established ground rules. The couple had specifically instructed the kids to not meddle with the room of their now dead daughter but given that they are children, their curiosity got the best out of them and started to go inside and back at the room where the demon was waiting.

Yes, the doll itself was possessed with a variety of evil and they were out to torment one of the girls in particular. Luckily, in the latest movie, only two were killed plus the collateral damage caused by the tormenting demon. It isn’t a sight to see but it just adds to the horror feels of the movie.

The director of the movie, David F. Sandberg, which was also the director of the phenomenal movie with the same genre Lights Out, said that they did have some trouble with Annabelle: Creation and one which topped it all is the way that they have to move the doll.

The group wanted to make Annabelle different from the other famous doll Chucky which is why they thought of a creative way of letting Annabelle scare the hell out of her victims without her walking around. They were more focused on the doll being a vessel of evil so instead of her moving, it was what was around her that was manipulated to achieve the feels that they want to provide their viewers.

According to the director, they tried to make it as the scariest movie as possible which is why when you come halfway through the movie the rest of it will be full of action and scares that might render it too much for some people. He even said that the film would be pretty intense.

Anyway, do not think that everything is just one scare after another. The production was pretty eager to deliver a balance of quiet and big moments so that they could create the element of surprise more effectively. There are a lot of things that you need to look forward to in the second installment of Annabelle and much more onto the third one, the Nun, which they are already discussing.