All About The latest movie: Granny Of The Dead

Posted 09/20/2017 1204

Zombie Popularity

Zombies have become one of the most popular hits that sparked the interest among the spectators. The living dead concept came to life on screen ever since its popularity. Many creators became fond of this concept that they continued the Zombie craze. And this 2017, Granny of the Dead is one of the movies that adopted such interesting concept.

The world of zombies has been introduced to us in such a very long time ago now (more than a decade, most probably) and it seems like a lot of people still are enticed with it. A lot of phenomenal games were produced and those are still here until this very day. At the same time, the creation of zombie-inspired movies emerged. Recently, lots of movies under this category gained recognition. One movie even turned out to be a block buster film in 2013!

Granny Of The Dead

The movie Granny of the Dead is written and directed by Tudley James. He is also known for being the director of two other movies—Down the Dark Road and Trackdown. In 2016, the Granny of the Dead won the Best Feature Film competition. Other awards include the Welsh Dragon Award with Down the Dark Road and the same movie was nominated for Audience Award: Best Feature Film. Both events happened in 2011.  

Granny Is A Zombie?   

The story of the Granny of the Dead started when Ed (played by Marcus Carroll) wakes up one day and he found out that his grandma is now a zombie. Mortified, the characters witnessed their entire elderly neighborhood as they turn into a flock of zombies as well, and they were attacking them. With the help of his friends, Ed had to do what it takes to stay alive, keep the home zombie-proof, and ultimately, save the day.

The Cast

In this latest movie, Marcus Carroll played as the main character in this story as Ed. The precious granny that unfortunately turned into a zombie was played by Abigail Hamilton. Oliver Ferriman, William Huw, Tudley James (yes, the writer/director himself), Sabrina Dickens, and Josh Wood are among the many actors who participated in this film.

Where To Watch

The screening of the Granny of the Dead happened in July 2017. If you missed it, don’t worry—you can watch the movie here on the internet! You will easily find the perfect website that wouldn’t be bothersome. In no time, you can enjoy the movie even when you’re just enjoying the comforts of your home.

The Ratings

Before watching the movie, please take note that this movie contains a gore and violence. Because of this, the movie might not be suitable for kids especially under 13 years of age. This movie may not be for the faint-hearted or for those who have low tolerance upon seeing blood. Some can even enjoy popcorn while watching the film. This will all depend on you. Watch the trailers available for you on YouTube to help you with your decision.