2017’s Latest Movie: Alien Covenant

Posted 09/25/2017 1360

A significant amount of time has passed since the tragic space mission called Prometheus took place. Moreover, the enemies of mankind called aliens have evolved and developed by leaps and bounds. One particular evolution that they have adapted is the power called the neomorph. The scary thing about this neomorph is that it was not attained using natural evolution. One could assume that someone who is very intelligent is tampering and helping these enemies attain this greater power. With this, humanity is now faced with even greater danger. How can we overcome this situation?

Being the sixth installment of the Alien film series, you can expect the Alien: Covenant to be a mix of the positive elements of the previous Alien installments. One notable thing regarding this is the features of the aliens in the film. You can expect to have a gargantuan face and body, slimy exoskeleton, and razor sharp teeth. Nevertheless, you can also expect the forces of humanity to have reliable soldiers to protect our planet. There also will be female casts that will take on major roles in the plot like Katherine Waterston.  However, you should not take this movie as something like its predecessors. This movie will also incorporate a spiritual aspect in the plot that can definitely make or break the entire battle between aliens and humans.

The Plot

The story will begin with the new expedition of the Covenant. It is a space warship that carries a crew of 2000 members. They are tasked to terraform a planet that can be another haven for the humans on earth. Moreover, there is also a member of the crew that is a sort of a cyborg humanoid (Michael Fassbender). With his help, the crew has an additional workforce that can ease up the process of terraforming and colonize the planet.

Nevertheless, the work is not that simple because the plan is about to be sabotaged by a freak incident: the attack of the aliens. The captain of the ship dies and his wife is left behind in the care of the cyborg. Will this crew still survive this mission?   

The Review

This latest movie, Alien Covenant is definitely a must-watch for alien-genre fanatics out there. It combines a great combination of science, technology, action, and drama all in one film. You can definitely be amazed by a number of plot twists this film has. Furthermore, it is really great to watch a film about terraforming and colonizing another planet. This is really one of the favorite topics of science nerds out there, even the famous Elon Musk.

Moreover, the CGI and effect put into this film are really good. The aliens are all realistic and will definitely put you on the edge of your seat every time they appear.

One thing that might be an issue for you in this film is a number of stupid crew members that may have sabotaged the progress of the main protagonists. Nevertheless, it is a common fact that almost all movies have these kinds of characters.