2017’s best 5 Latest Movie In The Sci-Fi Genre

Posted 09/14/2017 1523

2017 can be definitely classified as one of the most jam-packed years when it comes to the number of exciting movies released per month. This is especially true when it comes to the science fiction genre. Several franchises, exciting releases, and classic movie sequels have been produced this year 2017.

For example, how can someone forget the epic sequel to the greatest sci-fi movie of all time, the Star Wars saga? How can someone not be thrilled with the movie reboot of the classic superhero sci-fi movie the Spider-Man? Truly, the year 2017 is a paradise for all movie lovers out there. Now, let us walk you through to the 2017’s best 5 latest movies in the sci-fi genre.

Blade Runner 2049

As we all know, one of the most anticipated sci-fi movie in the year of 2015 is the movie The Force Awakens. One of the main reasons for this is because of the return of Harrison Ford in the said movie. That being said, you can expect that one of the best and the most anticipated sci-fi movie in 2017 is the Blade Runner 2049, which also starts Ford. Being one of the most expensive movies in 2017, you can be sure that the thrill brought by the adventures of Ryan Gosling (the blade runner) will surely bring you at the edge of your seats. Watch as the blade runner tries to uncover and destroy a deep secret that may potentially ruin the world as we know today


2017 really has a fascination when it comes to space movies. Maybe it was an effect brought by the success of the movie Interstellar. Given this, you may want to watch out for this movie Geostorm. Watch as the main character tries to stop a group of evil people in using space satellites to control the climate and eventually create a huge, devastating storm. The problem does not stop there since there is still a plot of assassinating the president. It is really action-packed, eh?

God Particle

If you are into alien-based sci-fi films, God Particle is definitely the movie you must watch. Because of a very shocking and frightening space expedition, Chris O’Dowd and the rest of the space crew are now in serious trouble. Watch as they face the perils of the unknown in space.


Follow the sequel of Ex Machina. Watch Natalie Portman and the gang as they explore the secrets of an unknown land that is so frightening even the laws of nature is different as to our world. Watch as they uncover the secrets of these lands in the hopes that they survive.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is probably the most successful, latest movie this 2017 so far. This film has achieved so many breakthroughs in the movie industry. For starters, it is the first movie installation for Wonder Woman, a female protagonist and a superhero tasked to save the world during the world war. Another interesting fact about this film is that the director is also a woman.